Thuso Matumba

I was in the orange corner  program of 2021

The program help our company a lot .

  1. it help us register our company.
  2. it help us. Get a BEE certificate
  3. it help us create websites
  4. it help us open a business account for the company
  5. it help us create business profile
  6. it help us create a logo
  7. it help us to overthink how to run a business and marketing.

I would like to thank the orange corner program for everything that they did to us ,

However, we are very stranded to hit the ground running due to no financial. We are unable to start our business. Because we don’t have a start-up amount.

Amount which will help us  get the following

As an electrical provider we need the following to be active in the industry

  1. tools we are short of tools to work.
  2. material. As a service provider we need money to buy material needed by client so that we won’t depend on client pay us 1st
  3. we need money to generate agreement contract with our clients as we will be dealing with different kind of people some will not want to pay once job is done .  So we need attorney to help us out.
  4. as electrical provider we don’t work on the same place every day we travel all around. So we need money to boost us as the fuel is way too high . .
  5. we need money to advertise our business. Because to get a client you need to spend more on advertising the business and advertising is expensive this days.

If we can get all this we are so sure our company will never go down by always on the rise.  Even if you can loan us the start-up amount we will be great full.  And we are so sure to pay every cent so that it can help other new and growing entrepreneur in the future.

Thank you very much