Asanda Mcimbi

The programme has played a huge role in growing my business, when looking at the bar graph indicating the growth of the business we realized that from April 2021 and April 2022 the business has grown from 47% to 69% of sales. The coaching sessions, workshops and masterclasses have been a motivation, helped me to acquire new skills and has encouraged me to press even harder to get where | am now. Through the support of the programme | have created employment to 9(nine) young people.

Orange Conners has created advertising material for my business, such as car stickers, flyers and brochures, direction boards, business cards, a logo and a website that is used to advertise my services and products online. Within this short period of time | have managed to sign a laundry business contract from the website online client. I now look professional and | am reachable to my clients.

Thank you