South Africa

We are very active in terms of developing healthcare in South Africa. We implemented container clinics as well as mobile medical clinics that drive through the townships of Johannesburg. Our services are mainly primary healthcare, mother- and childcare, dental care, identifying, informing, treatment and referring in case of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs and specialised care if demand is sufficiently high in a certain area. From every patient we ask a small fee and we arrange that the government provides for the supply of sufficient medicines and other medical supplies. Moreover, a company supports us with medical machines, for example to be able to offer ultrasound treatment. This is how we implement self-sustainability as well in our healthcare projects.

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Also in Ghana we support the community through different projects in terms of healthcare. The largest difference between Ghana and South Africa is that we do not make use of mobile medical clinics in Ghana. This is because the roads are of too poor quality. Rural areas in Ghana usually consist of large villages with around 5.000 to 10.000 inhabitants which makes a container clinic the ideal size to provide for sufficient healthcare