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The Rhiza Foundation was founded on  the 11th  of May 2010 with the goal to defeat extreme poverty. Through our projects we develop the townships in South Africa and Ghana. We achieve this through:


We offer adequate education such that future generations will have opportunities for growth. For example, in many pre-schools in South Africa the English language is not taught to students, even though the English language is the main language in the corporate world of South Africa.

By helping pre-schools towards a higher level, we do not only make sure the English language is taught, but also the pre-schools become eligible for financial support from the government. 


Thanks to our clinics (sometimes these are on wheels!) many people are supported through simple medical treatments from a doctor, dentist, nurse or social worker.

The latter helps with guiding HIV patients but also informs young women by educating them regarding contraceptives, family planning and all related consequences. 

Skills Development

The current generation is developed through skills development, of which all trainings are accredited.

The result is that chances for a decent job increase substantially.

In some cases the demand for qualified personnel is so high that companies are willing to carry the costs of the training and hire those who successfully finished the training and applied for a job. A good example of working together with the local community.

Enterprise Development

To make the step towards the labour market easier, but also to develop current entrepreneurs further, we offer facilities and trainings.

With these inputs, entrepreneurs are supported through many practical matters such as financial management, but also through a network of entrepreneurs and in some cases microloans which we are able to offer thanks to a partnership with a local bank.

This is how we increase chances of entrepreneurs.  

Rhiza Ghana

In Jukwa Mfuom we focu on improving primary education. The classes are particularly crowded.

Rhiza South Africa

The construction of our Business Hub in Diepsloot South Africa. Local entrepreneurs can go here to start a small business or to further develop their existing business.

All these projects are approached with the same, structured model, which is our self-developed Rhiza Cycle! Besides the Rhiza Foundation, we have started a social business next to the Foundation. The aim of the social business is to generate income which is invested in our projects, but also to create job opportunities for the community. 

The Rhiza Foundation has grown in 9 years from an enthusiastic group of volunteers in the Netherlands towards in international organization with 125 employees of which the majority is active in South Africa.  Rhiza Netherlands is fully operating with volunteers, Township Fleva Netherlands has two employees. Skill, passion and involvement are key traits that characterize Rhiza and of which we owe our experienced growth.  With our projects we have reached around 100.000 people in 2018.

Self-sustainability, working together with the local community and the government are key in our projects. We always achieve partnerships with local parties such as the government to ascertain that our projects are implemented in a financially self-sustainable way. 
Moreover, a small contribution is always asked from our beneficiaries to cover a part of our costs but mainly to make sure that the beneficiaries really acknowledge the added value of our projects.