Rhiza South Africa

Students graduate in Diepsloot, Orange Farm and Tembisa!

Last week it was raining hats during the graduation in Johannesburg.

In total 117 students received their diploma after a succes skills training.

5 Fashion & Design graduated, for IT there were 22 graduates but the by far the biggest group of graduates were the ECD students, they attended with 90 graduates!

You might know about the need in ECD as a sponsor (if you ever received our proposal) but let us explain why it is necessary to invest in ECD. ECD stands for Early Childhood Development and are the Nursery schools. 

If you’re interested in the ECD program you can always contact us but for now we would like to congratulate all the students who graduated.

Most children in township communities often receive education in shacks and to be very honest you can’t even call it education as the level of education is very poor without a lesson method. Also most children only receive education from the age of 7 and because of that they miss an important part in their development which they can’t make up and will always stay behind compared to other children who receive education at an earlier stage. 

By investing in the quality of training the teachers and principals we improve the quality that is in line with the norms set by the government. This is also an important step so that we help the schools becoming self sustainable.